A strong performer in B2B devices in the Nordics, Lamina wanted a more modern brand that they could carry through their new Windows computing range.

The Lamina product range had been consistent performers in the Nordics, 


The logomark concept took inspiration from 3 key pillars within the Lamina organisation. Firstly, the 3 lines represented the core business entities that supported the Lamina brand based in China, Ireland, and the Nordics. The wave depicted the Aurora Borealis as the focus element from the Nordics themselves. Finally, the square form depicted the microchip, embedded in the technology that the brand delivered.

LAM_FOLIO_Guidelines Mockup

The challenge was to create a distinguishable identity that worked as a B2B focused brand with a modern approach, along with an icon that could be used independently on products where needed.


The final solution 

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